Walmart Grocery PickUp: I Rejoice

Walmart Grocery Delivery: I Rejoice

I am not usually an early adopter.  I usually let others try things out first and then get on board once all the bugs are worked out.  But with this idea I was on the bandwagon from the first glimpse of the sign reading Groceries Delivered to Your Car.  What?  No more crazy trips through Super Walmart with my kids?  No more bumping into random customers because I can’t see over the baby seat in the front of the cart or trying to navigate the huge cart that is meant for kids and is like driving a tractor trailer?  Or opening the items I am buying so my kids can have a snack on the way to the check out?

How It Works

walmart grocery order online

I was sure there had to be a catch but the idea was so enticing I decided to give it a try anyway.  I went online and ordered just about the $35 minimum to try it out.  I scheduled my pickup window for later that day.  I drove to the Walmart with my 9 month old and 5 year old in the car.  I followed the signs for Walmart grocery pick up and parked in the loading space. I called the number on the sign  and let them know my name and parking space letter.  A Walmart worker promptly came out with my order in tow.  I popped the trunk, he loaded the groceries, smiled, had me sign for them and I was on my way!  Oh the best part, they do not accept tips!!! What?  Even my ice cream scooper wants a tip these days.  No tip for such extraordinary service! I was wowed.  Rarely am I wowed.

guy loading groceries-Walmart grocery

10 minutes later I was back home putting my groceries away.  I felt so renewed I chopped all my veggies into single servings and put them in the refrigerator for snacks.  I hadn’t realized how draining grocery shopping with kids is until I didn’t have to do it.

When you place your order you can choose whether you want to include substitutions or not.  Once on my order they substituted two smaller jellos for one larger jello or one flavor of yogurt for another.  The great thing here is you can decide if you want to allow substitutions on each item.

The VIP service continued as they gave me sample kits, a back to school gift, samples in the mail with thank you notes.  I have never enjoyed shopping at Walmart.  I usually shopped there because I thought they generally had the lowest prices and I didn’t want to clip coupons or shop the ads.  The service completely changed my mind.  It didn’t feel like Walmart at all!  It felt like the best service I have received anywhere in a long time.  And the employees working in this program seem much happier.  So friendly and top notch.


Only downside here is that it is only available in select markets.  A few months after discovering this amazing service where we lived in Gilbert Arizona, we moved to the Portland area and they don’t have it here yet.

I miss this service as much as the 75 degree winters.  It is really that awesome!  Total save and splurge!  Save on your groceries by shopping at Walmart but feel like you are getting VIP splurge service with their grocery pick up.  Check out their website here and enter your zip code to see if it is available in your area.  If not, you can be on the wait list to be notified when it is available.

For another way to save use the Walmart Savings Catcher App.  Download it in the App store and just scan your receipt after shopping at Walmart.  They search the local ads for you and if there is a lower price on something you bought they refund the difference to you in a store credit.

walmart savings catcher app


Don’t overpay for groceries, Save by shopping at Walmart and using Walmart’s Savings Catcher App.  Then use the Grocery Pick up Service which feels like a Splurge but is another Save in time and sanity especially if you have kids.

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