Amazon Now: Save or Splurge?


Is Amazon Now a Save or a Splurge?

Yesterday I tried Amazon Now for the first time.  I have been an Amazon Prime member for years and for me it is a definite save.  For $99 a year just the free 2 day shipping on the things we order online would save us money but we also stream the videos.  Especially the shows not available on Netflix like Downton Abbey for me and Diego for my boys.  And I’ve just started using the Amazon Music service that is included with Prime.  It’s not as robust as Apple Music but for me it works for the times I’m looking for music to listen to while cooking dinner.

So when I heard about Amazon Now where I could order items and get them within 2 hours I was pretty excited.  But I wondered is it worth or it or where’s the catch?  After getting a marketing email with a code for $20 off a $50 order I figured why not try it out.

I placed my very random order through the Amazon Now app of a Melissa and Doug fishing puzzle, Dreyer’s Cookies and Cream Ice Cream (partly because it tastes awesome and partly to test if they could keep it frozen until delivery), Dove deodorant, construction paper, caffeine free Diet Coke, and Coconut flavor Syrup (see my next Save post about why the coconut syrup).

How do the prices compare?  

Melissa and Doug fishing puzzle-Amazon Now-$8.95-same as and Walmart price

500 Ct Lightweight Construction Paper-$10.54-same price as Sam’s club, cheaper than the office supply stores and Wayfair.

Dreyer’s Grand Cookies and Cream Ice Cream-$5.49-Walmart-$4.74

Dove Cool Essentials Deodorant-$4.19-Walmart-$3.88

Caffeine Free Diet Coke-$4.19-Walmart-$4.48

Torani Syrup (25.4 ounce)-Coconut-pack of 4 bottles-$24.62 ($6.16/bottle)-Walmart-$7.43/bottle but only sold in cases of 12 bottles

The prices I compared on Amazon Now were exactly the same as  Most were the same or cheaper than what I found on  Based on the above prices I saved $4.31  even without my introductory $20 off coupon.

There’s no charge for delivery but they do add a tip for the delivery driver that you can adjust.  They calculated a $6 tip for my order.  So I guess it’s a better deal than pizza delivery where they charge you a delivery fee and you tip the driver!  So when you consider the tip you have to decide if it is more or less than the gas/wear and tear on your car to go to the store or if you have little kids the stress of going to the store.

How’s the Selection

The selection is more limited than but they do offer items being sold by Amazon Now and/or a local grocer in the Portland area called Seasons.  So with Seasons you get full grocery option but their prices are more expensive than the grocery stores I usually shop at.  So I would consider them a Splurge.  Probably an I just don’t have time to make it to the grocery store/baby is sleeping type of splurge.

How’s the Service

The app was super easy to use to place the order.  Very similar to ordering from  I immediately received a confirmation email with my order and the time window for delivery I’d chosen.  I placed my order around 8:30 am and chose a 10-12 delivery window.  At 10:21 I got a text saying my order would be delivered soon.  The delivery guy had a problem finding the address so he called and was at the condo within 5 minutes of his call.  He was very polite and gave me my order in a few paper bags.  I received a text saying my order had been delivered immediately after as well as an email saying my order was delivered at 10:41.

You can choose to have the order left if you won’t be home.  Since I had ice cream in my order and knew I would be there I didn’t choose that option.

Overall I thought it was very fast, my ice cream was kept frozen but not too hard.  It was perfect when delivered and everything else was just as described/expected.

For me I would’ve spent $1.69 more than a trip to Walmart grocery after the tip.  But I have a bad habit of buying things not on my list when I go into the grocery store or giving in when the kids ask for a toy or treat.  For me unless I am shopping sale items or an ad from the grocery store, which I never do, Amazon Now is a Save and feels like a Splurge.  I love those!!!



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