Why Save and Splurge?

This blog was born out of the love of a good deal.  I am the girl who after getting a compliment on just about anything will tell you how much I paid for it.  I am so proud of scoring a good deal and helping others find one too.  I can’t help it.  I was raised by a penny pinching mother who could tell you exactly how much she paid for each grocery item in the kitchen.  I don’t go that far.  If you’re looking for an extreme money saving space this probably isn’t it.  I am looking to help you provide balance between saving and spending.

That is the idea for this blog.  A virtual get together where we share our great finds and also our wise splurges.  There are items I will splurge on but I always follow 3 rules before splurging.  This way I never have buyer’s remorse.

Here you’ll find saving advice ranging from budgeting to cutting costs.  Main rule for a splurge is you have to save the money first so read these tips to try to find yourself some splurge money.

I realize a splurge to some isn’t a splurge to another.  So I will set the expectation now that my splurges generally are in the $100-$500 range not the $1,000-$5,000 range.  I will not ever buy a pair of jeans that costs more than $150 even as a splurge.

Hopefully that gives you an idea of what you’ll find hanging out with me here and you’ll let me get to know you too by leaving comments or questions.

So looking forward to our journey together as we save and splurge on some great finds!

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